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The Vortex Strikefire AR-15 compatible red dot is designed to be easy to use and affordable. Although lacking the finesse of much higher priced equivalents it performs well all-round, standing up to severe recoil and varying light conditions.

The adjustable brightness and color settings make the scope usable in most lighting conditions and it comes with a 2x magnifier as an added bonus.

Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Rifle Scope Review


Red or green dot 4 MOA

This red dot scope does not only have a red dot it has a green setting too, both are based on a 4 MOA dot which obscures view slightly more than the 2 MOA but this is not noticeable at the 1x zoom setting. There are four different brightness settings for each so you can adjust the dot intensity depending on the lighting conditions. Because it is a large dot than the standard 2 MOA you find on the cheaper scopes it is easier to see and therefore requires less adjustment to make it usable in just as many conditions.

The green dot is more useful in low light conditions and the red dot for generally any other time. Basically having the option of switching color does make it versatile and means the lens coatings do not have to be unique such as the Bushnell trs25 which has a slight orange filtering lens coating as the green will stand out fine against the background if it is dark.

Unlimited eye relief

For quick targeting there is unlimited eye relief so that you don’t have to worry about the position of your head in order to get the dot lined up with your target and ready to fire. This is particularly important when hunting prey that startles easily and where the seconds can count. Prairie dog hunting and deer hunting can be both fast paced and slow paced so for the action moments if you catch them out unawares you are ready to go at a moments notice.

Parallax free – 50 yards+

The scope is set to be parallax free from 50 yards and beyond. So after that the dot will stay on target if you move your head from side to side. Aids in acquiring targets faster.

Magnifier Available

This comes with a 2x magnifier to get even more effective range. Unlike many red dot magnifiers this does not make it so you are looking down a tiny tube and is does not feel like an afterthought but actually designed for practical use. Magnifiers are great if you tend to do more shooting out past about 100 yards so if your desired target range is further than that it will be worth trying it out.

Tested Waterproof and Fog proof

Very rugged and can stand up to use in all weather conditions.

Automatic Shut down

After 2 hours of inactivity the illuminated sights will shut off and you will need to turn it on again. This is a good feature if you have ever forgotten to turn off a powered scope when you’ve finished at the end of a long tiring day.

Long Battery Life

About double the battery life of the LUCID/Bushnell trs25 similar products at around 2000 hours, Vortex like to make a point about how high tech and efficient their circuitry and wiring is done. In essence you will just be buying batteries half as much and if you’re like me and buy large bunches at a time, like 50-100 you won’t really be finding there to be too much of a bonus with the added hours.
In the long term it will save you a bit of money but by that time (3-5) years you could be using a different scope as new models come out.

Mounting Ring Co-witnesses Ar-15 sights

The version of the scope I link to comes with a vortex mounting ring that allows for co witness with the iron sights of a flat top AR-15 rifle.


Can shoot with both eyes open

Customers found that shooting with both eyes open was comfortable when using this scope. There isn’t an offset when comparing 1 eye open to both eyes open either and allowed them to maintain good peripheral vision and be more aware of their surroundings because of it.

User Friendly

This may tie in with the next pro on the list but this is one of the easiest red dots to use, there are very few buttons and because there are fewer brightness settings it all makes adjusting the settings a lot simpler. Most changes just need a touch of a button and you’re ready to go, switching between colored reticles is quick and simple at the push of a button. Once zeroed in, a process that was found to be speedy by experienced users, it stands up to a lot of recoil. People have reported putting hundreds of rounds into targets and not having to reset it.

Easy to install

As it comes with mounting hardware that is suitable for flat top Ar-15’s and with the option to buy a hi-rise mount, both normal and hi-rise co-witness well, even on AR-15 clones the mounts work fine. Just be sure to tighten those screws up to keep it solid.


On/Off Button Sensitive

One complaint has been that the On/Off power button is very sensitive. Even slightly brushing it has been known to turn it on which was not liked by some. If you accidentally turn it on before putting it away without realizing then the auto shut off does come in to play and will save you battery.

Larger than an Eotech

The Vortex Strikefire Red Dot is larger than an eotech equivalent so if you want a lighter more compact model you will have to go for that one. Where this scope excels is its price considering how practical it is despite not having as finesse in its final construction it is rugged and performs.


The price of this scope reflects its simple construction and ease of use. The higher tech scopes usually have too many features and adjustable settings which really adds to the price. Because this scope is so simple it is cheaper than the Eotech’s and Aimpoint’s, being simple also makes it a hit with those trying out red dots for the first time and it makes it very reliable as there is not a lot to go wrong on it.


Pop Up Lens Covers

One of the most common complaints is the stiffness of the pop up caps. Quick fix for this is just to apply a bit of Vaseline to the hinge to smooth out the movement.

If you have a problem with your scope upon arrival no need to worry as both Vortex and Amazon offer reliable customer service to sort out your worries quickly.

Frequently Asked

Is this compatible with night vision attachments?

There is a setting to dim the red dot for use with a night vision device, this makes it so the dot doesn’t blind you when you attach a night vision attachment. The scope itself does not come with nightvision attachments so you will have to buy those separately.

Does it come with mounting hardware?

It comes with a vortex mounting ring. But you can buy vortex cantilever mounts depending on how you want to mount it.

How is the performance on AK’s?

Many customers have used these on AK47s, Saiga AKs and Polish Ak74s, all were really happy with the performance after it had been zeroed and say they have not needed to adjust it since. It handles the recoil of .223 rounds and this doesn’t offset the zero even after hundreds of rounds.


This rifle scope has simple to use controls to adjust the color and brightness settings of the red or green reticle making it a good buy for someone new to using red dots. Zeroing the sight is quick and it holds well under recoil, making it a solid addition to your inventory of scopes. Although slightly larger and less refined than the more expensive Eotech and Aimpoint equivalents, the Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Riflescope fulfills the role of a mid range and rugged alternative very well.