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The FSI Sniper 6-24x 50mm scope is a long range rifle scope primarily designed for target shooting rather than hunting. It comes with an extended sunshade and the rings necessary to mount it.

The scope is made of high strength aluminum and features ball bearing turrets designed for precision adjustment. The reticle is a standard range estimating mil dot which has optional illuminated settings in either red blue or green.

FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Review – Illuminated MilDot


Aircraft Grade Metal Body

The scope body is made from an aircraft grade aluminum metal alloy, this allows for the scope to be made larger as it isn’t as heavy as one that uses steel. Long range optics usually have very large objective lenses which when made from steel can become incredibly heavy making the scope unwieldy.

Ball bearing Windage and Elevation Adjustment Turrets

Having ball bearing turrets gives a superior feel when making your adjustments. The turret click value is ¼ MOA but the ball bearings allow for easy control when in use.

Lockable Turrets

Both the windage and elevation turrets have lockable rings so you can secure your chosen settings after dialing them in.

Recoil Tested

Has been tested using .50 cal and 150 rounds. This is not as much testing as some other scopes go through, but as it is designed for long range shooting there are typically less shots fired in a session compared to close range shooting.

Front Focusing Adjustable Objective

You can change the focus of the objective optic from the front which means if you are struggling with clarity of the image you can manually change it to suit your needs. This is especially important and helpful for people with less than perfect sight as they won’t need to wear glasses to get a good image.

Mild Dot Reticle – Green, Red and Blue Illumination

This uses a range estimating mil dot reticle with the option of illumination into either green, red or blue. It is just your standard mil dot reticle and you will have to sight and range in your own bullet drop depending on the calibre of your firearm and the ammunition you are using.

Long Range Zoom Settings

Overall this has variable power settings between 6-24x and is definitely designed for extreme long range target shooting.


  • Magnification: 6-24x Suitable for long range
  • Obj Diameter: 50mm Large so needs good rifle clearance
  • FOV (ft):16.1 – 4 Not the largest but not the smallest
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 8.3 – 2.1 Pretty standard
  • Eye Relief: 3.3” – 3.1” Quite generous, may be more in practice
  • Length: 406mm This is about average for long range scopes
  • Weight: 26.2 Oz Could warrant investing in a gun rest
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch
  • Battery Type: CR2032 3V
  • Adjustment per click value: ¼ MOA Plenty of adjustments for the turrets

What you need to know


Long effective range

Customers have reported shooting successfully out to 1400 yards and people have used it to spot targets within 200-300 yards. The most common shot length is about 400-600 yards looking at actual customer experiences. Your effective range using it will depend on your rifle and ammo as well as your own skill but it is good to have an idea of the average ranges people are using it for.

As said before it is rare for shots made during a hunt to be longer than about 400 yards so if you are looking for a scope for hunting this may not be you. This performs best for range shooting and that is where we would recommend you use it.

Everything in the box

The whole package with this product is quite generous, It comes with a 3 inch extended sunshade for reducing glare in really sunny conditions as well as rings for mounting and scope caps. The rings that come with it can be used to good effect mounting it but if you have a specific type of ring you normally like to use then go ahead and use that provided the size matches up.

It does come with scope caps too so no need to buy a separate pair of those. Make sure to use loctite or some sort of glue sealant when tightening up the screws as this makes it more resistant to coming loose due to recoil.

Rings and sunshade can cost upwards of $50 so getting them in the box is something we found good and it takes a lot of the hassle of finding and choosing compatible rings out of the whole process.

Locking Turrets

The locking turrets were a key feature for customers due to how easy they were to lock in and unlock with just fingertips.


Initial battery has low life

The battery that comes with seems to have low battery life so you will have to replace it straightaway.

Turning Objective Turns Sunshade

Some customers have found that when turning the adjustable objective with the sunshade installed it makes the sunshade turn too. This isn’t ideal as it can block your view, initially taking and installing the sunshade off is a bit time consuming but with practice can be a quick process. Our tip if you are having this problem is to set the scope up how you want it first and then install the sunshade.