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The Eotech 512 .A65 holographic sight is a red dot sight that has 20 different brightness settings. It’s made of high strength aluminum which makes it very tough and suited to operating in a rugged environment.

It can operate in temperatures down to -20 to 150 Fahrenheit and is completely waterproof and fog proof. The red dot is very small at only 1 MOA, meaning it does not obscure your view of your target at all.

Eotech 512 .A65 Holographic Sight Review



This scope is considerably rugged with made from a aluminum and is waterproof, fogproof and all the electronics are coated with a shockproof resin which allows it to sustain the general wear and tear that it is like to encounter. With the ability to withstand being submerged in water without breaking or leaking also helps just in case you drop your scope in a puddle.

Battery Life

2x AA batteries power this scope and is reported to have a 1000 hour battery life, although not as long a battery life as an Aimpoint equivalent the batteries are cheap and easy to buy from supermarkets. It has an auto turn off setting which kicks in around the 4-8 hour mark depending on what you set it at.

Brightness Settings

There are 20 brightness settings which gives you complete control of you optics and gives great low light performance. It also has a contrast ratio of 28000:1 so this scope allows targets to be picked out from the background foliage easily. This scope features unlimited eye relief from being a single zoom setting scope.

Non reflective coating

The color of this sight is Non Reflective Black to help blend into the environment and not alert prey with stray glinting.

65 M.O.A Range Circle

With a 65 M.O.A red outer circle you can highlight your target quickly and easily.


  • A good point customers have made about the Eotech is that it is easy to use for both eyes open shooting due to its unlimited eye relief and is comfortable on the eyes as well because of this.
  • It features a simplified mounting system working with weaver rails and the tool free mounting bolt is easy to fasten and undo when needed.
  • Requires cheap AA batteries to run on and battery life can be improved when using lithium batteries compared to alkaline but both work
  • Mounts on a standard Picatinny or Weaver rail
  • Tool free mounting bolt which can be fastened and loosened by hand if wanting to attach or remove the scope quickly.


The single screw has been said to come slightly looser with extended use so other customers recommend that you keep an eye on it and tighten when needed. Another way round this is to make sure its fully tightened as much as you can and it will hold.
Some customers disliked having an auto shut off mode on the scope as it blinks when it is about to go off but this has been circumvented by just tapping the up button and it does improve battery life in the long run if you do have a tendency to leave your scopes on when not in use.

Eotech 512 Specifications


  • Window dimensions: 1.2 by 0.85 inches
  • Front window material: 1/8-inch solid glass
  • Rear window material: Shatter-resistant laminate (3/16 inches thick)
  • Field of view: 30 yards @ 100 yards at 4 inches eye relief
  • Display window optical surfaces: Anti-glare coating


  • Night vision compatibility: No
  • Optics: Transmission holography, parallax-free
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Eye relief: Unlimited

Red Dot

  • Brightness adjustment range: 110,000:1 (brightest to lowest)
  • Brightness settings: 20 with scrolling feature


  • Adjustment (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2 inch @ 100 yards)
  • Adjustment range: +/- 40 MOA travel
  • Return to zero: Repeatable to 1 MOA after remounting


  • Power source: Two 1.5-volt AA batteries (supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeables)
  • Battery life: 1,000 continuous hours (lithium) at nominal setting; 600 continuous hours (alkaline)
  • Auto battery check indicator: Flashing reticle upon startup
  • Auto shutdown: At 8 hours; programmable to 4 hours

Scope Body

  • Dimensions: 5.4 by 2.25 by 2 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces
  • Waterproof: Submersible to 10 feet
  • Sealing: Fogproof internal optics
  • Mount: 1-inch Picatinny or Weaver rail

Eotech 512 Review summary

This very solid holographic scope features state of the art electronics with a large range of customizable settings which makes it a great scope to function in a wide variety of conditions.

With its 20 different brightness settings, it is particularly useful in low light conditions.

The Eotech 512 is a good value scope considering all of it’s advanced features.

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