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If you are looking for a solid budget red dot sight then this is going to be one you definitely should read up about.

Bushnell trs-25 Red Dot Riflescope Review


High Contrast Amber Lens Coating

To make this scope perform better in forest environments there is a special lens coating on the front lens that allows for the user to distinguish between similar colors such as browns and greens. It does this by emphasizing the slight differences between these colors, hence the high contrast, so you can make out a brown deer against a brown tree easier.

Because deer hunting season lasts until well into the fall, late September time the usual wooded environment is all manner of similar colors due to the falling leaves. This type of coating enables you to hunt easier within that environment so takes away some of the camouflage protection deer have in those types of places.

Adjustable Red Dot Sight

There is an option to adjust the intensity and brightness of the red dot to make it more visible against the background and in very bright conditions. The more intense the light coming into the scope, the more intense the red dot needs to be made to be easily visible. This scope has a fully adjustable red dot meaning it can be changed to be appropriate for all light conditions.

Make sure when altering the intensity that you do not set it too high as the red dot can become blurry and appear off center so you may have to try it on a few different settings to make sure you get the perfect red dot.

Tilted Front Lens

The red dot is projected into the center of the scope by bouncing the laser off the internal mirrors and lenses. This has the effect of always having the dot in the center as all the internal components are fixed in place, so as long as you have the correct brightness setting then the dot will always be centered and ready to use. The front lens is tilted precisely for this purpose of centering the red dot and not shining the laser directly into your eye.

Multi-Coated Optics

As explained in our guide, multi-coated optics enable better overall light transmission. Nowadays pretty much any scope that I would review and recommend will have fully multi-coated optics, the technology has been around long enough that even budget scopes have high light transmission. A multi-coated lens reduces the amount of light reflected back out so incoming light is not wasted.

High quality optics gives you the option to work in lower light conditions, if hunting inside woods and forests the atmosphere in general is one of reduced light due to shading from surrounding trees. A multi-coated lens will perform the best in those types of situations.

Fully Waterproof and Fog proof

As comes standard in the industry, this scope is fully waterproof due to being sealed airtight and fogproof due to having the inside purged of normal air. Purging is normally done with either nitrogen or argon, both are unreactive gases and do not fog up during changes in temperature. This allows the scope to remain clear in different weather conditions and in rapidly changing weather conditions.


This is a fully shockproof scope, all the internal parts are fixed in place and the windage and elevation adjustments are extremely solid once set. For you this means you can zero the scope at the start of your session using it and it will remain at that zero after firing many rounds and after suffering the recoil from those shots. This is an important feature for determining reliability and many customers have found that this model is really good for holding a stable zero.

Battery Powered

Obviously as a red dot sight it runs on battery power, however what is one of the best features is that it runs on cheap CR2032 batteries. These are very common and can be picked up in Walmart and other supermarkets very cheaply. The battery life at full intensity and left on all the time is up to 5 days.

Although this isn’t as long a battery life as the more expensive red dot sights you can increase battery lifetime by remembering to turn it off and turning down the intensity to zero when not in use.

Unlimited Eye Relief

As it is not a magnifying scope there is no limit to the eye relief and can be used reliably from any position. This is a bonus in that you will not need to put your eyes so close to the exit pupil and reduces the chances of getting hit by a recoiling scope.

Pros from a Customer Viewpoint

So there are a few stand-out features about the Bushnell trs-25 that really stand out to customers who already use this product on a regular basis.

Red Dot is incredibly steady once set – The red dot adjustment wheel is rather stiff and requires a bit of effort to get it to turn, customers actually liked this at it meant it held the correct setting easily once adjusted.

Batteries are easy to get – Major standout point is how cheap and easy the batteries are to get.

Holds Zero Very Well – It is reported that this scope can handle a 3 day weekend of consistent firing from shotguns to AR15s and still holds its zero.

Solid Build – It feels rugged and can stand up to the challenge of being handled in terrain.


Battery life is reduced compared to other more expensive red dot sights – Eotech and Aimpoint red dot sights have longer battery lives and an automatic switch off when not in use. To really extend the battery life of this scope you need to remember to switch it off manually, turn it down to the lowest brightness setting.

Orange Edging on the objective lens – Although using a high contrasting coating there is a noticeable orange edge on the objective lens that may be slightly off putting. It does not interfere with the field of view and is just a slight change in coloring.

Initially all controls are stiff – When first receiving and using this rifle scope don’t be alarmed if the controls for elevation, windage and brightness are stiff. It is a feature designed to make it sturdier, however these may be initially difficult to handle they do loosen over time to be easier for use.


  • Reticle: Red Dot Sight
  • Maximum Zoom Ratio: 1x
  • Riflescope Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Scope Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Windage Adjustment per click: ½ MOA or 0.5″@100 yards
  • Elevation Adjustment per click: ½ MOA or 0.5″@100 yards
  • Brightness Settings: 0(lowest) to 11(highest)

Recommended Use

This scope is great for use on shotguns or AR15 rifles and is an inexpensive way to get a red dot sight.

Stands out when turkey hunting using slugs or hunting deer in close quarters such as in woods, it is easy to adjust for both those conditions and for switching between the two if you need it to. Also has a camouflage version if you are interested.

Shots up to 100 yards will be really easy as it is parallax free up to that point.

User Tips

Make sure to switch it off at the end of the day, it is very easy to forget this especially if you are tired from a long hunt.

Take it out to the range before taking it out hunting, practicing with it first will always help you get the most out of it. Will help you to get familiar with the adjustment controls and also prove that it can hold zero well.


It is designed to fit on a picatinny or weaver rail. It just tightens up by using an allen key head style screw, so you should have no problem getting it fixed to a rail.

Be careful not to over tighten the screw or you may burr the threads and cause it to loosen. Basically, it just slides on the rail and tightens up quick and easy.


The Bushnell Trophy Red Dot Sight TRS-25 is a budget scope that is good for hunting targets up to 100 yards. If you want to try out a decent red dot sight for the first time then this is one of the easiest to use and mounts quickly onto common picatinny and weaver style rails.

It’s typically available at around $100 and is at the top of the market in that category and is really only beaten out on quality by the very expensive scopes. It is a solid all-rounder with good red dot clarity and good reliability.

Its solid construction and design by a reputable manufacturer, Bushnell, means that quality is ensured and it comes with a warranty so you can get it replaced if it has any problem upon delivery.

Definitely worth the price and further evidence of this is the many customers who have purchased it and are happy with it.